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One day when we have access to a hard drive / hard disk / partition or USB drive, memory card, SD card, a dialog box pop -up appears, do not yell like: “The disk in drive is not formatted Do you want to format it now.”. evidence in this situation, the file system “RAW” when we check the disk status. If we are to “No”, the partition can not be accessed. Instead, if you click Yes, of course, we will lose all files stored on that partition. Then you can ask: “Is there a suggestion for this rescue RAW what are we to use the Recovery of RAW? This provides information about recovering RAW. Loads

Quick Recovery for Windows successfully files and folders on raw partition. Raw score is the score where the score loses its file system. Quick Recovery for Windows provides all the useful data from raw partitions

Quick Recovery for Windows resource recovery partition as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 partition. Did you like this? Share it: