Gas Safety: Advice for Landlords

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Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 set out the responsibilities of landlords to ensure gas appliances, ducts and fittings provided for tenants use are safe.

After the landlord failed to CORGI safety laws and gas in this life has recently threatened heavier penalty proceedings against & # XFC; calculated is hoped that this will reduce finally put an end to illegal work and the fatal consequences which gas associated with it.

As owner, you must follow a set of guidelines on the basis of regulation as follows:

must be kept safely

All controls installation, maintenance and security required by a certified installer & # XE9; CORGI

An annual safety audit should be conducted every single device or resulting gas will be carried out by a CORGI registered installer and that consideration must be made within twelve months after the commencement of the lease, if the device and # Xe4; you are less than a year, Route 12, to carry out months after the date of installation.

a record of each safety check must be retained for two years. should take

A copy of the current safety check each tenant within 28 days of the end the test will be published as a new tenant before they move into an apartment or a clear indication of leaving the property.

gas appliance left by a previous tenant must be controlled & # XE9; safety or removed before the next tenant takes occupancy.

you are not responsible for gas appliances by tenant and the flue or chimney related or you are responsible for all equipment in a non-residential uses of the property & # XE9; tee.

An annual gas safety is not a service, and vice versa. To obey the law and greater security for tenants, both must be done on an annual basis. can use

Only CORGI registered installers

gas safety checks to verify the information you Identification of your engineer. This means of control of photo identification that the activity of CORGI registration number and a unique identifier of the device.

shows as an owner you have important tasks, and they are put down to prevent injuries and deaths. By adhering to standards of gas safety, you are responsible for your legal obligations by ensuring that your property live in a safe place for your tenants and therefore extra things, such as installing a carbon monoxide detector, for example, have custody of their moral obligations. Safety Saves Lives gas to ensure that everything you do for your property safe.

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